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A Letter to the Herr’s Snack Factory

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Dear Herr’s Snack Factory, 

Your factory tour was one of the first dates my wife and I went on together. (The fresh chips were delicious.) Since then we’ve enjoyed your Christmas lights displays each year, and until last November, we ate Herr’s chips and other products on a regular basis. Our romantic history probably makes us biased, but we think you make REALLY good chips, and cheese puffs! Since November 2015, however, we haven’t eaten any of your products.

Last year, my wife, Heidi, was diagnosed with celiac disease. (This is an autoimmune disorder that requires a strict gluten-free diet.) According to Herrs.com, your products containing wheat use equipment shared with other, gluten-free products, and “there is still the possibility of small amounts of residue [including gluten] being left behind. Individuals who are highly sensitive should take this into consideration before using [Herr’s] products.”

Unfortunately, that means no Herr’s for her. Since I’m supporting Heidi’s gluten-free lifestyle (and don’t want to accidentally contaminate her), I’m not eating Herr’s either. The purpose of this letter is to ask, when can we expect certified gluten-free Herr’s products? Please let the answer be “soon!”

I understand this may take some major production overhauls (possibly a separate production line), so I’m not demanding anything. No food product can cater to all dietary needs. What I can tell you, however, is that the minute you start making gluten-free products, you will have at least one very loyal family of customers! We’re tired of Utz, and hope to eat Herr’s products again.




A copy of this letter will be sent to the Herr’s company this week. Letters requesting product changes aren’t always effective, but we figure this can’t hurt, right? We’ll post any response if/when Herr’s replies. 


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