Hello, Hashimoto’s

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Note: this post was actually first drafted in February, but wasn’t posted until now because—well, you’ll find out when you read it!


We were super excited about starting our blog last spring. Last fall, however, our momentum evaporated. Enter week after week with no posts, followed by week after week with no attempts at drafting content, shooting photos, or even brainstorming topics

Why? We weren’t sure. Somehow, it just became more than we could handle. In fact, it felt like more and more things were falling into the more-than-we-can-handle category.

Do we have all the answers now? Is our house perfectly clean? Are we caught up on all our day-to-day and long-term projects?

Nope, but we’ve figured out one more piece of the puzzle: Heidi has Hashimoto’s.

What’s Hashimoto’s, you may ask? An autoimmune disorder where your body attacks (and slowly destroys) your thyroid.

As it turns out, autoimmune disorders like company. Celiac disease (Heidi’s first major medical diagnosis and the impetus behind starting this blog) is also an autoimmune disorder. Having celiac disease doesn’t automatically mean you’ll get Hashimoto’s—or vice versa—but it’s not uncommon to find out you have both.


There are basically two different ways to treat Hastimoto’s: synthetically or naturally. Traditional doctors tend to prescribe a synthetic version of T4, an important thyroid hormone that can usually convert into the different types of thyroid hormones your body needs to function correctly. Natural options for treating Hashimoto’s, usually with the help of a functional medicine doctor or less-traditional doctor, include dietary changes, supplementation, taking a natural thyroid supplement (think dried pig thyroid), or some combination.

We’ve done plenty of our own research, and we’ve worked with three different doctors along our thyroid journey so far. We hope to share some of the things we’ve learned—so check back in with us! Right now, we’re hoping to take a more natural treatment route, mostly based on dietary changes and supplementation. Heidi will be cutting out a LOT of foods (for an autoimmune protocol—think Whole30 on steroids), and Taft will be making some dietary changes too. (Talk about supportive husband!) The good news is, gluten is a prime offender, and we’ve already figured out how to live without it. 🙂

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