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Our Favorite Gluten-Free Blogs

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If you’re like us, you’ve spent plenty of time combing the web for gluten-free blogs—the type that are overflowing with delicious recipes, helpful tips and tricks, the works.

There is so much out there.

I’ve noticed that reading some sites makes me feel empowered—I can eat gluten free and feel better and enjoy life. Other sites leave me feeling drained and unhappy—dairy and corn and quinoa and half a dozen other foods are slowly killing me, no one understands a gluten-free lifestyle, and life… stinks.

Choosing gluten-free resources that work for you takes time and effort. In the very beginning, I frequently felt frustrated because I was certain that there must be gluten-free blogs that I would LOVE but I simply couldn’t find them. I was looking for bloggers who were upbeat but realistic about the challenges of celiac disease or gluten sensitivity. Like so many other young moms, I wanted simple, filling, affordable dinner ideas—not a bread recipe that required five expensive completely new-to-me flour ingredients and psyllium husks and nutritional yeast.

Taft and I wrestled with the feeling that we should start our own blog: a blog focused on helping gluten-free newbies get their feet on the ground, a blog where we could share our own story and help others feel a little less alone, a blog that put a positive spin on one of the hardest life changes we’ve ever had to make.

Do you know what we’re discovering? Our blogging is great for us—we hope it’s great for you too! More importantly, as we’ve started our own blog and delved into the gluten-free-o-sphere, we’ve started discovering more and more of the blogs I just knew must be out there, that I would love, that would help me keep going and keep eating and keep enjoying life.

Community is a critical part of our journey, so today, we’re sharing a few of our favorite resources with you. 

Great Gluten-Free Blogs

  • MeaningfulEats.com
    • Erin has celiac disease, so all of her recipes are 100% gluten free. She also includes many dairy-free recipes. We’ve tried—and love—several of her recipes. Like these waffles that we had for Thanksgiving last year. We love the little life details she shares in her posts—tidbits about her own gluten-free story, about feeding a family with young children, or what meals she loves for busy nights. Our finding Erin’s blog is a great example of why you should tell people about your celiac diagnosis or gluten sensitivity (just follow the link to see our story!).
  • GrainChanger.com
  • CookieandKate.com
    • I discovered Kate’s blog one day by accident (checking out links on your favorite blogs can really pay off!), and I’ve loved it ever since. All of her recipes are vegetarian, and many of them are also gluten free. This list is a great place to start for ideas. She even has some simple gluten-free baked goods, like blender pancakes made with just oatmeal for flour. 
  • SallysBakingAddiction.com
    • It’s hard not to love Sally’s blog. She’s just so personable and enthusiastic about all things kitchen. While she doesn’t focus on gluten-free recipes, it’s easy to sort for them in her recipes index and she even has a fantastic list of gluten-free favorites.

And here are a couple of cool places to help you search for other blogs (we have lots to check out still!)

Places to Find Gluten-Free Blogs

  • Allergy Free Thursday is a weekly linking party hosted by four bloggers. Anyone with a gluten-free recipe is invited to link up and share their post. That gives you four hostesses plus dozens of other linked bloggers to check out. You’ll even find us in some of the most recent parties. 🙂
  • The Gluten-Free Blog Network is a group of gluten-free bloggers. We just discovered this list, and a few of our favorites are already there. Maybe we’ll find some new favorites soon!

We’re always looking for something new and fantastic. What gluten-free blogs do you follow?


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