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Our Totally Not-a-GF-Rant Post, or “We Are in a Blog!”

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We choose to blog positively about our gluten-free journey. That doesn’t mean we always feel positive about it.

This week, for example, we’ve felt a slow, simmering, pent-up rant building. 

Perhaps it was the homemade applesauce that we accidentally burnt (caramelized applesauce anyone?). Maybe it was logging quite a few hours in the car. Alternatively, maybe it was the heat wave that squelched all of our baking—and most of our cooking—plans. (Even if we can live mostly on watermelon and cereal for a few days, we can’t really post that as a recipe for you. And it doesn’t really count as a gluten-free dinner idea.) Maybe it was the spotty Wi-Fi. Or the colds we all caught. Or, it could have been the overall business of life. 

So you haven’t been hearing from us a lot this week. We promise, we’ll be back soon with some no-fail, burn-proof homemade applesauce to rock your September. And we’ve got a couple more gluten-free living posts in the wings that are almost ready to publish. We’re just frustrated because we want them to be perfect and they’re not quite there yet. 🙂

We have also been really busy this week—reading. A few weeks ago, we picked up a stack of great children’s books (at an even better price) at a yard sale and added them to our growing collection. We’ve also been taking our toddler to the library at least once at week. The result? Our shelves are overflowing with books, and we’ve been reading around the clock to keep up with his literary appetite.

Books are gluten free, so we can safely blog about them here, yes?

So what’s our top book this week? We Are in a Book by Mo Willems. You literally can’t stop reading it. Why? The last page of the book is the first page. And it’s pretty hilarious. How many books make your child laugh out loud time after time? We Are in a Book is the kind of book you read and wish you’d thought to write it first.

It’s kind of endearing to read about a little pig and elephant who are just over the moon about the fact that they are in a book.

It makes us kind of excited to announce…

“We are in a blog! We are being read! Will you please read us again? Thank you!”



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