Dieting: The Honest Truth

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This post was written in March 2017. Only a month behind here, people.  😉

Today was not my best day. I felt sluggish this morning. I could tell that I was struggling because I was feeling tired by mid-morning. My feet felt colder than usual, even with slippers.

It would have been an easy day to give up on my autoimmune diet—just a little bit of cheese wouldn’t hurt, would it? But then I remembered yesterday. If only it would be yesterday again.

Yesterday, I felt great! I cooked meals, I cleaned everything, I read books with our son, I met my mom to run errands, I had a play date with friends. I was full of life and energy, and I just felt happy.

And that’s why I keep on going on days like today, days when I don’t feel like I’m making much progress, despite all the sacrifices I’m making. Because days like today used to be my good days.

So I don’t give up, even on the hard days, because even the hard days aren’t as hard as they used to be.

Overall, here have been a lot of really good changes with my new diet. I generally wake up feeling less tired. I have fewer headaches. My digestive system just seems happier.

When things are going well, I can accept my totally healthy plate of meat and veggies. When I hit a setback, I try really hard to remember the good days and just push through. Because the good days are getting better, and they’re coming closer together. No matter how much I want to, I’m not leaning on comfort food on the hard days (even on Valentine’s day when I wanted chocolate more than ever before!). I’m doing my best to just look forward to more good days coming. 

Insert from Taft: Heidi’s still doing a great job with her new diet, even when I’m not following it with her (more on that later). The changes we’ve made haven’t been easy, especially for Heidi, but they have been so worth it. 

Two whole organic chickens: $25

Brussels sprouts: $5

Probiotic capsules: $30

Having a wife who’s looking and feeling better than ever (even before we started dating): Priceless!

P.S. That isn’t our dog—it’s just a dog that sums up what this day felt like!

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