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Gluten Free Baking: The Great Experiment

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Taft here. One of the great things about a blog with recipes is that it gives you an excuse to make gingerbread cookies in the middle of July. “It’s research, honey.” 

Actually, Heidi had no complaints: she wanted gingerbread cookies too. (Christmas in July, anyone?) The only problem: we’d never made gluten-free gingerbread before!

Enter “The Great Experiment”: our own gluten-free gingerbread recipe. We encourage experiments around here, even when they don’t work on our first (or thirty-first) try. I’m looking at you, chicken soup.


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After looking at some gingerbread recipes online, both gluten and gluten-free, I felt prepared to make batch number 1.

Into the kitchen as fast as I can,

Let’s try creating a gingerbread man!

And you know what? It was pretty fantastic! That gingerbread pictured above is my first batch. There weren’t quite enough spices, and it was a little chalky, but for a first try, it was surprisingly good. (Even Heidi said so.) Let’s try again!

Aaand… Batch 2 was just wrong. Too crumbly, no flavor, and impossible to cut into shapes before OR after baking. I think it was the fact that I used a different GF flour blend. Regardless, my goal now is to make a version that doesn’t rely on a specific brand of GF flour to taste good. 

This is the “Great Experiment” of GF baking. Sometimes, your kitchen creations end up perfect the first time and every subsequent time. In other cases you begin to feel like Edison trying to perfect the light bulb. “Well, now we know 1,000 GF blends that don’t work–on to blend 1,001!”

On to GF gingerbread round 3. Wish me luck! If I can get this recipe right, we’ll share it in time for Christmas.

Or in time for Hanukkah, or Thanksgiving, or St. Patrick’s Day. I’ll eat gingerbread any time of the year, even July.

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