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Whole30 (Sweet) Potato Cubes (Rice Replacement)

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Let’s face it, the Whole30 can make you really hungry.
So hungry that you would eat ANYTHING! Anything, that is, that you’re not allowed to eat. Has a bowl of rice ever looked so good before?
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10 Minute Gluten-Free Taco Soup

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Question: what do you do when it’s 4 pm, you’ve got guests coming for dinner, and you just found out you have celiac disease and can’t eat gluten? (True story—I, Heidi, found out about my diagnosis exactly 2 hours before we were supposed to serve dinner.)
Answer: 10 Minute Gluten-Free Taco Soup to the rescue!

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Gluten, Gluten Everywhere, and Not a Bite to Eat

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When we were celiac veterans of two months, Taft wrote about our short experience living gluten free on his blog, We’ve posted his original comments below, along with some updates. His purpose in writing this, to help gluten-free “newbies” like Heidi, is a big part of what Red Checkered Tablecloth is all about.

A couple [now seven] months ago, my wife was diagnosed with celiac disease. When she eats gluten (a protein found in wheat, rye, and barley) her body reacts to it by attacking her digestive system. Yeah, not pretty.

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