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Why We’re Almost Doing the Whole30

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Ever heard of the Whole30?
We hadn’t. But when you’ve been gluten free for six months and still have lingering symptoms, you start scouring the internet and discover all kinds of food triggers that may crop up alongside celiac. Dairy. Oats (even certified gluten-free oats!). Xanthan gum. The list goes on…
I (Heidi) decided that I basically had two choices:

(1) To make lots of doctors visits and endure frequent lab work (with or without an answer for my problems!) with the many copays that entails.

(2) To try an elimination diet (and invest my money and time in buying and preparing good food) with the hope of discovering whether or not another food sensitivity or intolerance is contributing to my troubles.

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Hey! Welcome!

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New to Red Checkered Tablecloth? So are we!

Allow us to introduce ourselves: we are HaT, Heidi and Taft, happy wife and adoring husband. We’re here because we’re new to gluten-free living, and we’ve had a LOT of questions since switching to a gluten-free diet. Heidi was diagnosed with celiac disease last November and now eats 100% gluten free (for medical reasons). Taft has switched to eating gluten free at home (for moral support, and to reduce cross-contamination hazards). Here at Red Checkered Tablecloth, we hope to share some of the things we’re figuring out—what to eat, how to shop for gluten-free groceries without breaking the bank, and how to keep living a normal, happy life. We hope you’ll join us in our journey!