Joyful Living (and Eating)

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Hey everyone, this is Heidi here again today. This is a long post for our blog—so kudos to you if you read the whole thing! In a nutshell, learning to clean up our house (aka, joyful living) has taught us a lot about cleaning up our diet (joyful eating). It’s been a journey—and we’ve learned a ton. Read More

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My Emotional Battle with Sugar

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I would like to believe that I’m a pretty level-headed, stable kind of person.

But in many ways I’m not. At times I like to dream big, to get really passionate about something, and make radical changes. That worked great for a tidying marathon. But I also tend to fizzle. (Part of that might be a thyroid thing—tied to bouts of energy followed by fatigue.)

Right now I’m feeling worked up about sugar. With my autoimmune diet to help my thyroid and body heal, I’ve had to eliminate sugar, including natural sweeteners, such as honey and maple syrup, from my diet.Read More

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Dieting: The Honest Truth

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This post was written in March 2017. Only a month behind here, people.  😉

Today was not my best day. I felt sluggish this morning. I could tell that I was struggling because I was feeling tired by mid-morning. My feet felt colder than usual, even with slippers.

It would have been an easy day to give up on my autoimmune diet—just a little bit of cheese wouldn’t hurt, would it? But then I remembered yesterday. If only it would be yesterday again.Read More