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My New Autoimmune Diet

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We’ve chatted recently about my (Heidi’s) new Hashimoto’s diagnosis and about the different doctors I saw as I tried to figure things out. I’ve been a little behind the times in actually getting the posts live here on Red Checkered. I’ve already been on my new autoimmune diet for over two months!  Read More

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Why I Tell Everyone about my New Diet

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It’s no big secret—I’ve been telling anyone and everyone who wants to know about my new diet.

Well, almost everyone. I don’t generally volunteer medical or dietary information to the cashier at the grocery store, the customer service rep in my online chat, or the neighbors’ dog. Anytime, though, that my conversation even approaches the topics of health or food or recent life changes, I’m happy to volunteer that I’m on a restricted diet for autoimmune repair. If it’s appropriate, I’ll rattle off a quick list of “eat” and “eat not” categories.Read More

TSH, T4, Hashimoto’s, and Thyroid Diagnosis

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Note: This post was drafted approximately two months prior to publication.

The first time I (Heidi) remember having my thryoid checked was November of 2015—the same day I was tested for celiac disease. I saw a nurse at my family doctor’s practice, I described my symptoms, and she ordered lab work, which included a test for celiac antibodies and a test checking my thyroid stimulating hormone (TSH). Read More