Raising a Blog

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Our blog is 11 years old, give or take a few months.

You might be saying, “Hey, you just started your blog a few weeks ago! Wasn’t Heidi just diagnosed with celiac disease last November? How can your gluten-free blog be 11 already?”

You are such a smart cookie. All these things are true—but blog years are different than human years. In fact, some blogs actually grow up at different rates.

Our blog took about 6 months to be born—6 months of growing and taking shape in our minds. Some blogs are born overnight, and others take years before they finally find their own domain and enter cyberspace.

And then, Shazam! He arrived! And lots of people were excited to see our little blog baby. So little! So new!

And then, fizzle. How many times are you going to post pictures of your blog baby on Facebook? Old news. Moving on. (We have the deepest respect for you. It’s not healthy to spend your entire life following everyone else’s baby—or blog—on social media.)

The magic faded pretty fast, and suddenly our little blog baby was all needs. “I need plugins.” “I need content.” Before we knew it, we had a full-fledged blog toddler on our hands. “NO!” “I don’t want to!” “Give me my own theme!” (Have you ever seen an internet tantrum? Messy, my friends, very messy.)

So we did what all responsible blog parents do. We kept taking care of our little blog, knowing that someday, our blog would grow up to be something beautiful and wonderful. We watched all the blog parenting videos. We looked to other blog parents who have raised their little blogs successfully for inspiration and motivation to keep chugging away. We still give up a little sleep here and a lot of freedom there, but we’re happy. Raising a blog is something that matters a lot to us.

Our blog has been growing up nicely. He’s made a few friends. If you subscribe, he’ll have one more. (And that would make him so happy.) He’s got his own email address and Facebook page, and we’re even starting to think he might be ready to branch out to Twitter and Pinterest. He has learned a LOT in these last few weeks.

So how, you might ask, did our blog come to be 11 years old?

To be perfectly honest, we’re not totally sure. He just told us this morning, “I’m 11 years old.” He might be fibbing. We might place him as young as 7, but he could also be a small 13. What we’re sure of, though, is that he’s going through an awkward stage. We think 11 is a pretty good definition of an awkward stage—not a little kid anymore. “Hey, look how many posts I have!” But not quite ready to be an adult. Definitely no driver’s license for him yet, but we have finally given in and are buying him a theme (Happy Christmas in July!).

What’s the point of all this? Please be patient with our little blog while he’s moving through this awkward stage where his feet might suddenly grow bigger than the rest of him. Be his friend—it’ll give him confidence. And check out our new theme! It’s a work in progress. (Look how big his feet are! No worries, he’ll grow into them.)

Are you having fun yet? We are!

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