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Red Checkered Reads: Birthday Monsters

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Birthday monsters on their way—but first, birthday parties!

Birthday parties are big business at our house right now. In our play kitchen, we have a Melissa and Doug wooden birthday cake set. Over the last couple of months, we have spent hours playing with it. First, we build the cake. Next we add candles. Then we sing “Happy Birthday” and blow the candles out. Finally, we cut, serve, and eat our birthday cake. The best part is, it’s totally safe even on my autoimmune diet. 😉 

Today, I decided to try blogging about something a little different, just for fun. I used to love baking—and our little one liked to help with baking—but that’s not really on my “can do” list right now. Our would-be baking time has been replaced with extra time in the play kitchen and hours of cozy picture book reading.


So, I’m experimenting with sharing some of our favorite books with you, dear reader. Because I cannot honestly think of anything more fun to share. Choosing books with my little boy has been such a fun process of discovery. We’ve revisited stories from my own childhood and explored new selections and even some oldies-but-goodies that I’d never read before.

In honor of birthdays and wooden cakes and all the pretend goodness going on in our play corner these days, I’m starting out with Birthday Monsters by Sandra Boynton.

Red Checkered Reads: Birthday Monsters by Sandra Boynton, posted on

I think I will always love Sandra Boynton. Some of our very first board books were Sandra Boynton stories: Snuggle Puppy, Barnyard Dance, and Oh My, Oh My, Oh Dinosaurs. I recommend all of them!

Birthday Monsters is a fun, quick, easy read, suitable for even the smallest of listeners.

As an aside: I’m a huge advocate for reading to children before you think they’re ready to understand the story. I’m also a huge advocate for not beating yourself up because you don’t have the energy to read to your newborn. Or wrangle your toddler long enough to turn a page—some days we just can’t hold still. 🙂

In short, Birthday Monsters is the perfect way to spend a few moments together enjoying the excitement of birthdays and the whimsy of colorful, friendly monsters. I will always love our copy because it carries such a happy memory of it. One Saturday morning this spring, we stopped at a yard sale and fell in love with this simple story. When we tried to pay for the book, a kind stranger refused our money. Sometimes, it’s just so nice to be the recipient of such kindness. It makes us want to be a little kinder and more giving too.

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