Red Checkered Reads: How Groundhog’s Garden Grew

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Hello all, Taft here. Even before Heidi’s diet changed, we both knew that we enjoyed gardening and the idea of a “bountiful harvest” of healthy foods. (That’s a nice phrase, “bountiful harvest.” I should use it more often.) We also knew that we wanted our kids to enjoy the outdoors, and to learn to grow things.

While our gardening efforts are minimal right now—mostly because of very little space to, you know, garden—we’re still reading. A lot. Like, a LOT. Seriously, how much can one little boy read?! We’re pretty sure our local library has a holds shelf dedicated to our family…

One of our latest and favorite library book finds is How Groundhog’s Garden Grew, by Lynne Cherry.

Ms. Cherry does a great job of explaining gardening concepts, without sounding like a textbook. Her story manages to take gardening and make it accessible and enjoyable for kids. At least, it does for our little guy. She’s also done a great job illustrating, with plants shown at each stage of growth. 

If you’ve got a young friend who likes gardening, animals, bugs, or plants, this book has something to offer them. Buy it on Amazon, or check it out today from your local library. Unless the only copy is still checked out, in which case…we’re probably to blame. 


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